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Donor Management Software Built to Increase Donations

Auxilia was created by experienced nonprofit professionals to help NPO's improve donor outreach and retention, modernize the giving experience and ultimately increase donations, all to help you further your mission.


We've consolidated all of the tools you need to manage and engage with your donors into one platform.


Donor Management

Manage donor relationships using real-time data and communication tools.


Portal for Donors

Enable donors to track their giving and interact with other donors in an online portal.


Payment Processing

Process one-time and recurring donations directly through our software.


Robust Reporting

Collect data and run reports on fundraising and donor engagement.


Email Marketing

Create email fundraising campaigns, acknowledgments, and other correspondence.


Social Media Marketing

Create and schedule all of your social media posts in one place.


Event Management

Manage registrations and ticket sales for both virtual and in-person events.


Generational Donor Engagement

Communicate effectively with each generation based on their engagement style.

What makes Auxilia unique?

  • Auxilia was created by experienced nonprofit industry professionals. We truly understand your needs!
  • Covers the entire fundraising experience from your first communication with donors to processing their donations
  • One-of-a-kind donor portal that enables donors to manage their giving online and connect with other donors
  • All of the marketing communication tools you need to increase donations integrated into a single platform
Big Brothers

“Auxilia helps us leverage and manage our existing donor relationships and its robust social media component is exceptional. There is a personalized experience in working with Auxilia; it’s a relief to talk to people who speak our language. After working with them, we knew this is what we were missing all along.”

~ Jessica Walters, President & CEO, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland


Go Beyond Survival:

Innovate & Evolve to Thrive in your NonProfit

The recent pandemic has highlighted the need for nonprofits to innovate and evolve so they can continue to make an impact on the world. We developed this resource as a guide to help organizations create effective strategies to weather the storm and thrive beyond the tough times.

Bunker Labs

“Innovation is key to keeping your constituents excited and invested. Auxilia’s donor management software will do just that!”” 

~ De’Andre B.Wells, Sgt US Army Ret., Bunker Labs Baltimore City Leader

Fundraising Just Got Easier

We understand that fundraising can be challenging when events have been canceled and donations have slowed down. We are here to help you today by offering a complimentary one-hour session of fundraising coaching with a development professional from our team with over 20 years of fundraising experience.

This hour will be dedicated to learning more about your organization, understanding your fundraising goals, and ultimately provide you with personalized guidance and suggestions to help you create effective fundraising strategies-at no cost to your organization.

Board Meeting

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