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Donor Management Software Built to Increase Donations

Auxilia was created by experienced nonprofit professionals to help NPO's improve donor outreach and retention, modernize the giving experience and ultimately increase donations, all to help you further your mission.


We've consolidated all of the tools you need to manage and engage with your donors into one platform.


Donor Management

Manage donor relationships using real-time data and communication tools.


Portal for Donors

Enable donors to track their giving and interact with other donors in an online portal.


Payment Processing

Process one-time and recurring donations directly through our software.


Robust Reporting

Collect data and run reports on fundraising and donor engagement.


Email Marketing

Create email fundraising campaigns, acknowledgments, and other correspondence.


Social Media Marketing

Create and schedule all of your social media posts in one place.


Event Management

Manage registrations and ticket sales for both virtual and in-person events.


Generational Donor Engagement

Communicate effectively with each generation based on their engagement style.

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Making a Huge Difference

The Empowerment Approach: Case Study

The Empowerment Approach was in need of an intuitive donor management platform to maximize time and fundraising for their mission. Auxilia’s solution immediately helped the Empowerment Approach overcome barriers to fruitful fundraising by eliminating time spent on manual data entry by streamlining operations to grow it’s donor reach significantly.

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“Moving to Auxilia is a huge milestone for our organization! The entire team has been awesome and exceeded my expectations. As an IT professional, I like interacting with a straightforward, user-friendly platform – especially one that will help our organization evolve and carry out our mission beyond the local community. The Auxilia team is proactive about future implementations, responsive and willing to answer any questions, even after initial training and onboarding. It’s definitely worth the investment and Auxilia makes you feel as if you are part of a great family and team!”

~ Kaiesha F., Co-Founder, The Empowerment Approach, Inc.

Fundraising Just Got Easier

We understand that fundraising can be challenging when events have been canceled and donations have slowed down. We are here to help you today by offering a complimentary one-hour session of fundraising coaching with a development professional from our team with over 20 years of fundraising experience.

This hour will be dedicated to learning more about your organization, understanding your fundraising goals, and ultimately provide you with personalized guidance and suggestions to help you create effective fundraising strategies-at no cost to your organization.

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