Press Release


February 25, 2020

Auxilia Introduces Unparalleled Approach to Fundraising

DENVER, Colorado - Auxilia, (“the Company”), is excited to announce the launch of its donation management platform. The platform is designed to transform the giving experience for donors and charitable giving organizations by providing intuitive software that improves donor engagement and retention. Auxilia launched in February of 2020 and is set to take the industry by storm through its revolutionary approach to fundraising.

Large Market, Few Options
There are currently over 1.5 million charitable organizations in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. In 2017, those organizations processed over $410 billion in donations. While the total charitable giving amount is nearing half a trillion dollars, organizations have faced significant issues with engaging donors as well as managing and processing contributions. Auxilia’s platform provides organizations with real-time data progress toward fundraising goals and donor retention helping organizations create strategies to increase giving. The platform features: reports to help identify donor trends; marketing tools to improve donor engagement;
and merchant services to process donations at competitive rates. The system also allows donors to manage and create their own profiles in the system. This game-changing feature gives donors the opportunity to engage with multiple organizations and promote causes they are passionate about.

Helping Those Who Change the World
Auxilia was founded by a group of individuals who simply want to help those who make the world a better place. Auxilia’s CEO and Co-Founder Steve Palek explained what drives the Company. He said, “charitable organizations are catalysts for change and service in their communities, around the country and the world. Charitable organizations are critical to the fabric of any community and we want to help them continue to make an impact that changes the world.” To learn more about Auxilia, please visit the company’s website www.theauxilia.com.

About Auxilia
Auxilia is a SaaS-based company focused on transforming the giving experience. Historically software solutions for giving and donation management have been antiquated and difficult to use. Through integrated marketing automation, predictive analytics and data mining, Auxilia offers an easy to use system that helps organizations increase donations as well as improve donor retention and engagement. Auxilia’s sole focus is to maximize our clients’ impact and change they make on the world.