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Level up with us in 2022 with these 22 essential fundraising tips for success! Fundraising expert Ayanna Rutherford is here to help you exceed your goals this year.

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SowHope needed a solution to seamlessly integrate their existing systems into one platform with easy access to specific events, communication metrics, campaign contributions and donor data– and Auxilia delivered just that, and more!

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Saint Albert the Great School

Like many schools, Saint Albert the Great School sponsors several annual fundraisers to strengthen the bond among its school community and raise money for specific purposes. Managing engagement and donations for these campaigns is critical to measure the success of the private school’s fundraisers.

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Vets2Industry came to Auxilia looking for donor management software that could not only foster growth, but also help staff members and volunteers throughout the process. They wanted to be able to track their donors, thank them, and seamlessly put together year-end tax reports. And they wanted to be able to do it all on one platform.

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The Empowerment Approach

The Empowerment Approach wanted a multi-faceted platform that reduced its manual administration processes, tracked metrics for evaluation, and maintained donor and contact lists- so they turned to Auxilia for help.

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Do Your Donors Samba, Sell, Shop, or Surf the Internet?

Imagine a fundraising campaign that you can set up and forget about. It’s raising money for your cause while you are doing the work to achieve your mission.
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Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Many organizations have a hard time attracting financial supporters. Oftentimes it is due to the challenge of reaching the right audience, communicating value, and leveraging ...
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How to Maximize Employee Donation Match Programs

Employee donation match programs can be an additional fundraising source for nonprofits. They can double the amount of revenue from one donor, increasing a $2,500 donation to ...
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How to Save Time When Writing Grants 

Time is precious. Writing grants can be a very time consuming and laborious process. The more grants you write, the more you will notice that funders are generally asking the same ...
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6 Tips to Make Your Grant Application Competitive 

Grants can be a huge benefit to nonprofit organizations. They can help build capacity and expand programs and services. The grant application process can be challenging and ...
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How to Make Donors Feel Appreciated

A “thank you” can go a very long way. Providing your donors with a “thank you” is the most important part of fundraising. There are so many ways to show donors that you appreciate ...
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Investing in Technology is Investing in Your Cause

Together with our friends at Center (an expense management technology), our webinar focuses on optimizing your spend and investing in technologies that will make a difference for your organization.




Maximizing Marketing Efforts to Increase Awareness and Attract New Donors

Marketing is incredibly important to build awareness for your nonprofit organization and its mission. It's the first critical step toward getting in front of new donors and ultimately increasing donations. Join NPO fundraising expert Ayanna Rutherford and special guest NPO marketing guru Rochelle Edrington for this one hour webinar.

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Grant Writing Success Tips

Set your mission up for success in Q1 with grant-writing tips from an industry expert, Jessica Vinton, from Nonprofit Jess.

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Ensure Sustainability by Improving Donor Pool Retention

This on-demand webinar on donor retention is designed to provide techniques to help you keep and improve your donor relationships.


Identifying and Engaging Supporters for Long-Lasting Success

You don't have a massive budget for research, a famous board, or a fancy algorithm. So where do you find the supporters –beyond friends and family– who will be interested in and support the cause you are passionate about long-term? This webinar covers tips and tricks to help you succeed today and beyond.