Last Minute Ideas for Giving Tuesday

Posted by Ayanna Rutherford on 5.11.2021


Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple concept: a day that encourages people to do good to inspire hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Over the years, Giving Tuesday gained momentum by helping organizations see major windfalls.  

In 2020, Giving Tuesday helped nonprofits raise $2.47 billion. The day also helped organizations engage 34.8 million people which was up by 29% from 2019, according to the Giving Tuesday website. 

This special day has helped drive donations as well as raise nonprofit organizations’ visibility. Giving Tuesday is a wonderful time for donor acquisition and to revitalize your lapsed donors to give to you again.

Not participating in Giving Tuesday can be a big miss for organizations. Whether you have been planning for a month or just getting started, here are tips for Last Minute Giving Tuesday ideas.

Create a plan

Whether you have twenty or two days, it is important to create a plan to engage donors. Take time to ask yourself questions like: Who is your audience? How do you want to reach your audience? How often do you want to communicate with your audience?

Have a goal that is not just about donations

Having a financial goal on Giving Tuesday can be effective in helping guide potential donors. The numbers from Giving Tuesday are very compelling and as an organization you will want to maximize your reach. It is important to weigh your investment versus desired outcome and it should not just be about dollars. Factors like building awareness for your cause and organization should be considered as part of your desired outcome too. For example, you may not receive a lot of donations, but your organization could attract a foundation that is interested in funding your cause.

#Get social

Social media has consistently been a great fundraising tool for nonprofits. Not surprisingly, social media is a major factor in Giving Tuesday. Leveraging social media will be important for your Giving Tuesday campaign. Producing compelling content that speaks to your donor base will help set you apart from other organizations participating in the day. Although content is important, using the right hashtags and tagging the right stakeholders in your posts will help you engage a broader audience-potentially opening doors for new donors. Since Giving Tuesday is an international day, the right hashtag can get your local or regional organization in front of people around the world interested in your cause.

A late start can still be effective

Most people who work for nonprofits burn the candle a both ends and getting ahead can feel like a challenge. Getting a late start on things is par for the course in the industry. Sometimes organizations opt out on participating in things because they are getting a late start but do not let a late start discourage you from participating in Giving Tuesday. Here are some tips to help you overcome a late start for Giving Tuesday from our partners at Nonprofit Hub.


Photo Credit:Giving Tuesday Website

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