Internships: How Do They Benefits Nonprofits?

Posted by Tyler Nanos on 28.7.2020

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Using interns at your nonprofit organization is a mutually beneficial endeavor that supports both your nonprofit and the greater community.

While you can give back to the community by providing experience and guidance to students through internships, you also receive a whole host of benefits that we will explore below.

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Create Lasting Partnerships

Offering an internship program gives you plenty of opportunities to form lasting partnerships with your local community.

For instance, if you make a specified program with a local college or university, you can get good internship referrals for students that may become future employees and leaders in the nonprofit sector. You might get access to resources that the college can provide as well.

Extending internships programs to your local community gets them excited and eager to be involved with your nonprofit and the causes that it supports, helping you build a much bigger network that you can grow from.

Being in direct partnership with the educational system gives universities a better understanding of how the nonprofit sector truly works, and the kinds of skills that students need in order to move into that workforce in the future. This creates more equipped future employees.

Increase Diversity

Internship programs give you a chance to diversify your nonprofit. You can even create an internship program specifically designed to work with marginalized groups.

A growing staff of people from various ages and cultural backgrounds gives your company different windows of insight that can support versatility, new problem solving, and new approaches. Internships programs can give people with different backgrounds a level playing field in which they can grow, develop their skills, and inspire the future.

Expand Outreach

Young college students have an excellent acumen for social media and other forms of promotion. Whether you’re looking for more donors or promoting a big event, interns can help you increase your outreach to bring in more money and support for your cause.

You’re also increasing the awareness of your nonprofit simply by bringing the intern’s community of family and friends into the mix. When you offer seasonal or annual internships, you’re continually growing your community with the consistent hiring of new interns for temporary programs.

Plus, some of these interns will stick and become employees, which is a much more natural transition than hiring outside of the company. The interns that move on will have more skills and knowledge to add to the greater nonprofit workforce as a whole.

More In-House Opportunity

As you introduce interns into your business operations and they take over certain roles, you’re freeing up your employees.

That event, campaign, or groundbreaking idea that your team has always wanted to implement? They now have more time and energy that they can devote to leveling up your nonprofit and innovating your company from the inside out.

While your interns are learning about day-to-day business, your team members (who already understand how things operate) now get to reach for things that felt unimaginable before!

Internship programs build community, leadership, and knowledge that exponentially increase the effectiveness of the future workforce and cultivates inspiring partnerships so that your nonprofit can soar as high as it can!

If you have any other questions about internships, contact Auxilia to see how we can help!

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