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Posted by Tyler Nanos on 29.4.2020

How to Make Virtual Networking

When it comes to navigating the current social distancing climate, your nonprofit will need new and creative ways to keep donors, the people you serve, and your community feel engaged. Thankfully, you do have access to networking avenues that the virtual mediums of connection provide.

Let’s discuss how to use these online resources effectively to continue establishing and growing meaningful relationships.

Host a webinar

You can use a platform like Zoom to host a live Q & A session with your community - including donors and the people you serve! You can open the space to give your viewers an opportunity to ask any questions they might have about your nonprofit, make suggestions, or share their experience!

This makes donors and the people you serve feel a close connection with each other and with your nonprofit - especially in a time where people feel isolated and uncertain. The people you serve may feel a greater sense of safety, and their face-to-face connection with donors or potential donors will encourage them to know that they are making a difference in such a troubled time.

Social media

Share engaging content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels that inspire conversation.

Ask your followers to share their experiences or stories of this time with you. Plus, you can use social media to let people know if you’re hosting any kind of virtual networking event, such as webinars or fundraisers.

People want to feel connected right now, more than ever. And you may be delighted to find that people in your network are more willing to engage through these channels than usual. You can even host a Facebook Live meeting with your Facebook followers, which will give them a new and interesting way to connect with your nonprofit.

This is also an excellent time to work towards expanding your network for meaningful connections in the future. LinkedIn’s advanced search functions can help you meet potential donors, partners, or volunteers.

Host a virtual walk

Getting outside safely is very important right now! People love an excuse to get out in the sun (with social distancing of course) and doing it with a community is a fun way to get some much-needed vitamin D and exercise.

People can stream their walk, track their miles with an app, and give updates as they go along. This will bring people in your network together under a unified activity for a common purpose, which can boost morale, raise funds, and be a lot of fun!

Virtual meetings

But you don’t always have to host something as big and community-wide as a webinar or virtual walk. One-on-one connections can sometimes foster deeper relationships.

If you had anything scheduled with potential donors before COVID-19, don’t feel like you have to cancel! You can simply reschedule a video tea/coffee chat and keep things rolling!

If you have any other questions about virtual networking, contact Auxilia to see how we can help!

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