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Posted by Ayanna Rutherford on 19.2.2020

Giving a Helping Hand

Auxilia is Latin for “helping hand”. Our platform is designed to provide a helping hand by creating a system that meets and expands your mission.  We started Auxilia because we wanted to make a difference.

Hard Work Without Resources
Over the years we have seen so many of you working hard to change your communities and make the world a better place with minimal tools and resources.  We know day in and day out you are focused on your programs and meeting your mission to make a difference in the world. The Auxilia founders launched their software with non-profits in mind and the struggles they currently face. Each of the founders have worked and/or been an activist within the nonprofit space and know firsthand what charitable organizations have access to and what information is needed in order for you to be successful.

One main focus within charitable organizations is the power of fundraising. Without donations and support, nonprofits like yours do not exist.  Auxilia’s background in fundraising for nonprofits allows our team to understand challenges with redundant systems, bad data, and a lack of customer service for donation management software. 

We created a platform that is an all-in-one system providing helpful data into trends and opportunities that will maximize giving efforts.

Transformational Technology
Auxilia’s software helps you engage your current donors while connecting with new donors.  This includes using blockchain technology for efficient and secure data collection, competitive merchant service fees, and marketing automation. With built-in business intelligence, we will be able to provide cost-effective, efficient, and innovative services to improve the overall donor experience.

Messaging is Key to Fundraising
Messaging is a key component to fundraising.  Auxilia was created not only to help you meet your financial goals but to help you get your message out.  Over the last decade, social media has played a critical role in helping non-profits connect with donors. 

While social media has opened many doors for giving, it is important that your message is received to all of your current and potential donors in an effective way.  Our system will help you reach donors, through multi-generational giving feature that engages individuals regardless of age.

These are just a few examples of how we can help you.  Request a demo so that can see all that we offer and how we can be a “helping hand” to your organization. 

Photo Credit:  Perry Grone

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