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Posted by Ayanna Rutherford on 6.4.2020

5 Virtual Events You Should

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that most organizations operate.  Many companies are starting to question how they run their businesses in this new normal. While we know that in the foreseeable future our relationships, whether personal or professional, have to move to virtual, we do not know the toll that this new normal will have on our lives down the road. 

Organizations that are thriving in this new way of how we interact are not only laying the foundation for success in the short term, they are setting themselves up for the future.

To continue to provide programs and services that benefit the community, nonprofits will have to rethink fundraising to get through this new normal and beyond.  We are launching a 5-part series this week on virtual fundraising ideas.

So, before you decide to cancel that upcoming gala, luncheon, or run/walk take a look at some virtual fundraising tips. 

Part 1: Virtual Galas

Gala season is among us. This is the time of the year when people get dressed up in their finest gowns and tuxes.  Organizations get creative with themes.  For many, galas are a staple event in their fundraising calendar. 

For the community, an annual gala is the social event of the year where they can support causes near and dear to their hearts.  Instead of canceling your gala try rethinking the format.

Change to a Virtual Venue

Utilize a platform like Facebook, Zoom, or Instagram to host your event.  Secure the platform so that only ticket holders can attend the event.  Create a specific page where your team can monitor and approve who has access to the event.

Make your guests feel welcomed like you would if they were in person.  Create an online program that outlines the events for the evening.  Call up your guest speaker and explain that you are changing the format of the gala to an online event and that you still want them to participate.

Feed Your Attendees

If your in-person event was being catered call up the caterer to see if they are still available to provide meals. If so, coordinate delivery of the meals to the attendees.  If the caterer is not available, contact a local restaurant that is still open and who offers deliveries. 

Coordinate meal deliveries to the gala attendees.  If that becomes challenging create an account through a food delivery service like UberEats, GrubHub, or Postmates, where your gala attendees can order meals with a special code to cover a specific amount per ticket purchased.     

Keep the Party Going Online

Contact the DJ that was scheduled to play at your event to see if they are available to spin tunes for the evening.  If we have learned anything from Club Quarantine by DJ D-Nice, a great DJ can put people in a really good mood during times like this.

While people may be attending your events because they are fun, they are also purchasing tickets because they support your cause.  It is important that you remind your supporters of your organization’s work and mission.  This is also a great time to highlight how their support is needed now more than ever as well as your organization’s plan post pandemic.

So get your planning committee together to revamp that upcoming gala. Need to reach your supporters about your revised gala plans?  Contact Auxilia today for a demo.

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