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Posted by Nathaniel Carmel on 25.2.2020

4 Fun Spring Fundraising Idea

As the weather changes and we usher in spring, we are presented with opportunities to get outside more and enjoy the blooming flowers and the mild weather.  The change in season also offers us opportunities for fundraisers that are unique to spring.  Here are four fun spring fundraising ideas.

  • Runs/Walks: Runs/Walks are a great way to engage donors this time of the year. People are still committed to their new year’s resolution to get healthy and fit. The weather is at a point where it is not too hot or too cold.  Runs and walks are perfect for all participants regardless of age or athletic ability.  Partnering with a local running club to help route or organize your event can be a tremendous benefit for your run/walk.  These partnerships not only help with the logistics for the events they are also a nice way to find new donors and supporters of your cause.  Bonus tip: Reach out to a local shoe store for sponsorship. 
  • March Madness: March Madness is that time of the year where the country gets excited about basketball. People become obsessed with David and Goliath storylines where an unranked team comes out of nowhere and beats the number one team in the country.  Whether you are a big-time basketball fan or someone who doesn’t know the difference between a jump shot and a layup, you become interested in who will win the big game.  As a simple fundraiser, you can create a March Madness bracket challenge for your donors.  Individuals can a chance at a prize by entering a bracket.  To enter the bracket the donor will have to make a contribution that you determine.  The beauty of this type of fundraiser is that it is virtual and requires very little manpower to run.  Bonus Tip:  Find a company that will provide the prize as an in-kind contribution.
  • Car Wash: Spring is associated with cleaning and renewal. Depending what part of the country you live in your car may be dirty from all of the snow and salt from the winter.  A car wash is a great fundraiser to have the spring.  The overhead costs on car washes are low.  You want to ensure that you do a great job on the cars so that donors will spread the word about your car wash.  Bonus Tip: Don’t feel like washing the cars yourself?  Partner with a local car wash to do a one-day event where the proceeds from the car wash go to your organization.
  • Sports Tournament: Tournaments are another way to use some of the great weather spring offers to your advantage.  Hosting a golf outing, kickball or dodgeball tournament is a fun way to add a little competition to your fundraising experience.  Board members and supporters should be encouraged to field teams for your tournaments.  Providing trophies and prizes to the winners help with bragging rights so that they will participate in your tournament annually.  Bonus tip:  Reach out to local kickball or dodgeball leagues to increase participation.

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