4 Sizzling Summer Fundraising Ideas

Posted by Dorcas Ezekiel on 16.6.2021


Summer is full of fun and excitement

Summer is full of fun and excitement. It's a time when people go on vacations and reconnect with loved ones. After a year of being locked down, the summer of 2021 is shaping up to be one for the books.

As more people are getting out and traveling, offering fundraisers that allow your donors to get out and be active as well as offering virtual options, will help you raise money. Check out these four fundraising ideas to get help your organization raise money and have some fun this summer!  

Make it a Movie Night

If there is one thing we learned in 2021, it is the value of an outdoor activity. Hosting a drive-in or outdoor movie night complete with food trucks and vendors is a great fundraising activity. With parents looking for ways to keep their kids busy this summer, screening Pixar movies and Disney classics is a sure-fire way to get families out and the donations rolling in.

Movie nights do not have to be just about the kiddos. You can show classic films for movie buffs, rom coms for date night or a girls’ night, or horror movies for teens. Whatever you do– keep it fun and make sure there is plenty of bug spray on hand!  

Bend and Stretch with Donation Based Yoga Classes

An outside fundraising yoga class is the perfect way to help your community get active and relax at the same time. With the last year being so turbulent, establishing a yoga practice can be good for the soul and a nice way to bring in donations. Connect with a local yoga studio to organize a donation-based class for your organization.

The cool part about this partnership is that not only can you promote it to your supporters, but you can attract new donors as the yoga studio promotes the class to its students. This does not have to be a one-time event either; you could have one class a month dedicated to your organization.

(Re)introduce your Organization with a Meet & Greet

Whether you are a brand-new organization or have been in existence for a while, hosting an event where current and potential donors can learn more about your organization is a great way to reinvigorate your donor base. Hosting a meet and greet lets your community know that you are still here and that you need their help. Ask your donors, volunteers, board members, and employees to invite people from their network to enjoy good food, drinks, and conversations. (Want to go virtual instead? Here are some tips to host a virtual meet and greet)

Get your laugh on

They say laughter is the best medicine and face it we are all in need of a good laugh. Consider partnering with a local comedian or comedy troop on a fundraiser to support your organization with a laugh for a good cause event.

By: Dorcas Ezekiel

Photo Credit: David Lezcano