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Posted by Ayanna Rutherford on 18.2.2020

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Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on donors to support their causes which helps organizations keep the doors open so they can continue to do the good work. Most successful organizations have built a strong network of supporters that not only contribute to their causes on a consistent basis, they also work tirelessly to spread the mission while encouraging others to get involved. Finding new donors can be a challenge especially for new and growing organizations but there is hope. Here are four ways to attract new donors.

Get the Word Out

Spreading the word about your organization is key. If people don’t know about the work, you are doing then they will not get involved. Creating content through social media or on your website about your cause that is clever and engaging is a way to attract new donors.

Encourage your current donors to tell your story

Donors who currently support your organization can be one of your best fundraising tools because they get the work you do and its importance to the community. Asking your supporters to participate in activities that help you engage donors can help your organization attract new donors. Activities can range from you requesting that they re-post a call to action on behalf of the organization or they can volunteer to host an event for your organization.

Host A Meet and Greet Event

Meet and greet events are a great way to attract and engage with new donors. These events are designed for a potential donor to meet your organization’s team. To create the guest list for the meet and greet you should place a call to action for current donors invite people from their network who may be interested in your cause. Important community stakeholders and individuals where you would like to form relationships should be included in guest list.

Attend Events

Finding events and conferences where you can connect with potential donors is another way to attract new donors. Attending virtual or in person events that support your work directly or indirectly can help you improve your organization’s visibility within the scope of your cause.

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