Fundraise Strategically in Our New Normal 

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The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the fundraising capabilities – and overall financial stability – of nonprofit organizations across the country. A recent Independent Sector survey revealed that 83% of nonprofits experienced a decrease in revenue in 2020 and a 53% reduction in individual giving compared to 2019. As nonprofits look to 2021, it’s important to approach fundraising with a strong plan-of-action – while remaining open to changes in our evolving societal climate.

This resource will guide organizations in the following areas:

  • Hosting hybrid virtual and in-person events that allow for flexibility and varying comfort levels – while fostering fundraising success.
  • Locking in recurring monthly donors to increase organizational sustainability.
  • Picking the right platforms to attracted new donors via social media.
  • Capitalizing on socially engaged audiences across social platforms that cater to younger audiences, like TikTok and Instagram.

Gain Greater Insights for 2021 – and Beyond


Download the White Paper

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