Donor Portal

How does Auxilia’s donor management platform work? Our donor portal places the power back in the donors’ hands. It provides them with the transparency needed to see the real impact of their donations, as well as the ability to connect with causes they care about and fellow nonprofit supporters. Designed with the user in mind, the donor portal is easy to use, but offers the flexibility, trustworthiness and effectiveness that donors crave. Donors manage their own accounts, which allows them to make updates to their information while connecting with multiple organizations they support.
Link your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts within Auxilia to connect with donors every step of the way. Donors can create their own Auxilia accounts to stay up to date on the causes they support – and become an advocate for these missions.
Utilize the donor portal to engage your donors with stories and fundraising campaigns. Share useful content about your organization on their news feeds to keep them informed about your organization.
Communicate your organization’s mission and social impact within the donor portal. Provide donors with crucial transparency into the hard work behind the mission – and show them how their support has impacted the community.