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Get a Free Nonprofit Fundraising Coaching Session

Fundraising can be a challenge when events have been cancelled and economic conditions are uncertain. Schedule a free coaching session with a nonprofit executive from Auxilia with over 20 years of fundraising experience.

Curious what to expect?

The coaching session will last for approximately 30 minutes and will be dedicated to helping us learn more about your organization and understand your fundraising goals so that we can provide you with personalized guidance and suggestions to help you fundraise more successfully. There is no cost - the session is free with no strings attached!

Ayanna Rutherford has more than 20 years of fundraising experience. She has held senior management and executive roles, working in both large and small non-profit organizations. Some of her key professional accomplishments include writing and managing multi-million-dollar state and federal grants as well as increasing individual donations.

Ayanna led organizations to work strategically toward fulfilling their missions by engaging community stakeholders, raising their profile with funders, and creating diverse funding streams strategies. Through the fundraising coaching program, she has helped nonprofits create and develop strategies that increase revenue, attract new donors while retaining current supporters.

“Ayanna was very quick to learn about my unique organizations and some of the fundraising challenges we face. Even in the span of just an hour, we identified an area for improvement and next steps to take. My team is now working on a membership program to grow our donor base!”

~ Julia Dunn, Island Conservation

“I have had several very productive conversations with Ayanna. I am a person with lots of questions. I have never stumped Ayanna - from simple inquiries about Auxilia’s business to asking for marketing wisdom. An example was asking about how to communicate with supporters in ways that make it okay for a potential donor to stay in touch while waiting for a future time to make a donation.”

~ Tony Fairhead, Childhood Food Solutions


Go Beyond Survival:

Innovate & Evolve to Thrive in your NonProfit

The recent pandemic has highlighted the need for nonprofits to innovate and evolve so they can continue to make an impact on the world. We developed this resource as a guide to help organizations create effective strategies to weather the storm and thrive beyond the tough times.

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