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Fundraising can be a challenge when events have been cancelled and economic conditions are uncertain. Schedule a free coaching session with a nonprofit executive from Auxilia with over 20 years of fundraising experience.

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The coaching session will last for approximately one hour and will be dedicated to helping us learn more about your organization and understand your fundraising goals so that we can provide you with personalized guidance and suggestions to help you fundraise more successfully. There is no cost - the session is free with no strings attached!


Ayanna Rutherford

Ayanna has more than 20 years of fundraising experience. She has held senior management and executive roles, working in both large and small non-profit organizations. Some of her key professional accomplishments include writing and managing multi-million-dollar state and federal grants as well as increasing individual donations.

Paul Headshot

Paul F. Morris

Over a close to a 30-year career in fundraising, Paul’s work has resulted in tens of millions of dollars being raised and thousands of donors being engaged for a wide spectrum of not-for-profit organizations. Paul has a commitment to giving back to the community and the profession, including regular speaking and teaching engagements focused on small or emerging not-for-profits navigating success. In his volunteer work, he utilizes his background and expertise to help other not-for-profits develop their own sustainable and scalable fundraising programs.

Jean Headshot

Jeanne Troy

Over the past 27 years of professional fundraising with the last two as a consultant for DAZA Development, working in non-profit seems to have been a match made in NPO heaven. Working for NPO’s of all sizes, from a one-person shop to departments of 8 or more people, the ability to connect with donors, staff, volunteers and more has been the driving force behind her success in raising money for the organizations she has worked for Jeanne looks forward to working with all the clients of Auxilia and the fun of “fun”draising!!

Ana Headshot

Ana Cepero

Cheerful and collaborative, Ana M Cepero brings nearly 20 years of experience working in the third sector: the non-profit organizations. Ana has been able to help institutions maximize their potential, defining their vision, build teams and reach funds. Ana has a Master of Science in Nonprofit Organization Management of the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón and works as a consultant and mentor.

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“We have been a client of Auxilia since early 2020 and we are impressed with the software and team. We have often struggled reaching out to donors and communicating with them effectively. Auxilia has not only helped us retain our current donors that we rely so heavily on, they have also expanded our database to new donors through their social media strategy. What I love is that their team is available, listen to our feedback and hold our hand through the entire process. They are the true definition of a partner!”


Greg S.

CEO of Berks County Rugby Football Club


"The donor management software by Auxilia is amazing! The look and feel of any software is very important to me. Auxilia's software not only looks professional, it is user-friendly and super-efficient to use. It helps me automate numerous tasks, I can track all my donors in one place, I can create one post and the software will post on all our social media accounts, I can track our events and get assistance with fund raising, I can run reports on donations and fund raising activities, and so much more. If I getstuckor have any type of question, the support staff is quick, helpful, and very knowledgeable!"


Courtney P.

CEO -Nonprofit Sector Foundation


I am so thrilled to have signed up with Auxilia! Their customerservice and support team have all been top notch, which I have found to be a rarity these days. Being new to Auxilia,I had A LOT of questions, concerns,and limited time to onboard. Even with my obstacles they have been understanding, patient, and are always willing to work around my schedule. I love reading the articles they have ontheir website;I pull lots of useful information fromthem and I have put it to the test. Just to make sure I was on the right track I scheduled a coaching session with Ayanna to discuss an upcoming fundraiser. She was very helpful, took away my doubts and motivated me in a way that spoke to my inner goal getter!Best decision I have made was to add Auxilia to my work life.


Gena J.

Executive DirectorNational Historic Trails Center Foundation


Auxilia is a great software for growing nonprofits! The software is very clean and is extremely user friendly. My favorite part about Auxilia is that it allows nonprofits to access everything they need for their organization. The best feature in my opinion is the social media scheduling tool, it allows me to schedule social media posts months in advance so that I can focus on high level executive tasks.


Alston for Athletes


Moving to Auxilia is a huge milestone for our organization! The entire team has been awesome and exceeded my expectations. As an IT professional, I like interacting with a straightforward, user-friendly platform – especially one that will help our organization evolve and carry out our mission beyond the local community. The Auxilia team is proactive about future implementations, responsive and willing to answer any questions, even after initial training and onboarding. It’s definitely worth the investment and Auxilia makes you feel as if you are part of a great family and team!"


Kaiesha F.

Co-Founder, The Empowerment Approach, Inc.


Auxilia is an amazing platform that provides everything that a non-profit needs to thrive! It is a fully customizable one-stop-shop that allows a growing non-profit to maintain all aspects of the organization in one space. From payment processing to social media campaigns, this is the program your organization needs! And to make things even better, the Auxilia team is so supportive and actually cares about the mission, helps everyone involved, and at the end of the day, makes sure that everyone is satisfied with their work. Thank you Auxilia!


Bobby Y.

Vets 2 Industry


We can’t achieve great things alone. Nonprofit success is dependent upon mission-driven businesses like Auxilia who have our best interests in mind and who sincerely care for the cause of justice. National Diversity Coalition and National Asian American Coalition is thrilled to be working with Auxilia to maximize our donor engagement, our marketing campaign and to get our mission out to as many people as we can.


Faith B.

National Diversity Coalition


"The Auxilia team has been a pleasure to work with. Jessica and Ayanna have been engaged, knowledgeable, responsive and just nice people to work with. They are definitely experts in their field."


 Kellie Bolinder

Earth Conservation Corps