Non-Profit Portal

How does Auxilia’s donor software for nonprofits work? Auxilia’s unique solution provides stronger connections with your donors, promotes greater transparency within your network, offers multiple integration options for a truly comprehensive solution and streamlines your operations by taking care of the heavy lifting. We provide our clients with real-time data on progress toward fundraising goals, donor retention and action plans for donor engagement. The data helps our clients fundraise in a strategic way. Our ideal combination of consultative partnership and real-time data in our donation management software promotes greater efficiencies – and allows you to direct your attention to what matters.
Foster stronger relationships with your donors through Auxilia’s highly connected donation management software – and gain important insights into their giving habits to encourage future donations and support.
Auxilia’s customizable dashboard and innovative donation management software allow you to seamlessly link your social media platforms, integrate payment methods and manage your donors. Enhance your social media presence by producing compelling and effective content through a turnkey solution that appeals to multiple generations.
Increase your donor network by leveraging your current connections via our powerful marketing solutions. Go one step further with your donors to cultivate more impactful nonprofit fundraising ideas: Auxilia’s powerful marketing solutions allow you to segment your donors, send targeted emails and measure campaign effectiveness through detailed metrics.
Key Features
Data & Analytics
Our customizable dashboard views showcase real-time data to enable greater donor connections to increase donations, communication and operational efficiency within your nonprofit. Customized, data-rich reports help you to identify important trends in your nonprofit – and meet your goals.
Unlimited Users
We know many hands make lighter work, so Auxilia allows unlimited users and an infinite number of donors to be added to the account – with no additional charges. In addition, we provide unique user permissions and account branding to personalize the user experience.
Auxilia’s built-in email marketing tool allows users to create and send personalized, creative messages to donors. Within Auxilia, you can build out branded templates, segment your donors to create unique mailing lists and embed links to process online donations.
Identify the trailblazers through effective donor management, allowing you to strategize for future fundraising initiatives. House all your donors within Auxilia’s system and get full transparency into your donors’ giving history. All donors have their own unique profiles within the system for you to evaluate engagement, track their gifts and get a snapshot view of events attended.
Social Media Engagement
Help donors of every generation engage on a social level with Auxilia’s robust platform for social media integration. Easily link your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect with your donors every step of the way. Auxilia’s social media dashboard allows users to create, schedule and publish posts.
Merchant Services
It’s not all on your shoulders. Our solution and our team work hard to ensure you have the right information and insights to be a successful organization. One aspect of that support is offering access to our strategic partnerships; our affiliations with CardConnect and Cornerstone Payment Systems offer competitive credit card processing fees.
Dedicated Team
Auxilia is comprised of service-minded people who work alongside you as your partner to grow your nonprofit organization and meet specific goals. Our dedicated customer success team is focused on your organization’s goals and objectives, working to ensure you have the right information and insights to effectively connect with your donors. We are invested in your success and will provide guidance as needed, whether that is by providing software assistance or unique fundraising ideas.
Process Support
Make decisions with confidence, as Auxilia’s donation management system promotes greater transparency and business intelligence. The tool can help you track metrics, customize reports and review dashboards to make more informed business decisions.
Event Management
Our event management dashboard streamlines the entire event planning process. Nonprofit organizations may utilize the all-encompassing system to create event pages, collect registration and manage ticket sales.

“We have used Auxilia the majority of 2020 and we are impressed with the software and team at Auxilia. We have often struggled reaching out to donors and communicating with them effectively. Auxilia has not only helped us retain our current donors that we rely on so heavily, they have also expanded our database to new donors through their social media strategy. What I love is that their team is available, listen to our feedback and hold our hand through the entire process. They are the true definition of a partner!”

- Greg Stelluti, CEO of Berks County Rugby Football Club