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5 Virtual Events You Should Try Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that most organizations operate.  Many companies are starting to question how they run their businesses in this new normal. While we ...
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3 Ways to Improve Online Fundraising

Just about everyone is working from home nowadays. Our in-person interaction with each other has changed significantly due to state and local mandated Stay at Home orders.  The ...
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3 Way to Lending a Helping Hand During Quarantine

Social distancing has become the new norm. People are encouraged, and in some cases forced, to live a mostly virtual life.  As athletes make substantial donations to the people ...
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How to Cultivate Relationships with Grantmaking Foundations

Cultivating relationships with grantmaking foundations is a core method for any nonprofit that relies on consistent funds to maintain steady operations. However, it is ...
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Nonprofit Parnership Why in the World Does It Matter

As you know, running a nonprofit organization comes with a variety of challenges, including managing funds, running operations, raising awareness, and maintaining efficiency. ...
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The Secret to Nonprofit Success: How to Benefit From Partnerships

One of the fundamental ways of ensuring the success of your nonprofit organization is funding.  Of course, you can attract funding in a variety of ways, including individual ...
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