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4 Sizzling Summer Fundraising Ideas

  Summer is full of fun and excitement. It's a time when people go on vacations and reconnect with loved ones. After a year of being locked down, the summer of 2021 is shaping ...
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Do Your Donors Samba, Sell, Shop, or Surf the Internet?

Imagine a fundraising campaign that you can set up and forget about. It’s raising money for your cause while you are doing the work to achieve your mission.
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Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Many organizations have a hard time attracting financial supporters. Oftentimes it is due to the challenge of reaching the right audience, communicating value, and leveraging ...
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How to Maximize Employee Donation Match Programs

Employee donation match programs can be an additional fundraising source for nonprofits. They can double the amount of revenue from one donor, increasing a $2,500 donation to ...
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How to Save Time When Writing Grants 

Time is precious. Writing grants can be a very time consuming and laborious process. The more grants you write, the more you will notice that funders are generally asking the ...
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6 Tips to Make Your Grant Application Competitive 

Grants can be a huge benefit to nonprofit organizations. They can help build capacity and expand programs and services. The grant application process can be challenging and ...
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