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Auxilia Brings Donors and Non-Profits Together
Auxilia is an organization focused on making social impact through donor management software.  Our Donation Management System is a comprehensive donor software that modernizes the giving experience, simplifies outreach and provides greater organizational transparency.  It's a modern solution that enables you to shift your attention back to where it matters most:  Your mission. 

 How Auxilia Works for Non-Profits
We know what you need from your donation management software – because we’ve been there before. Created by people with a heart for mission-driven work, Auxilia’s solution streamlines your operations and provides robust social media insights – while offering greater connectivity with your donors to encourage support. Our system features an intuitive donation management tool, social media-driven marketing plug-ins and complete visibility into donor networks.

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Nonprofits can easily create their donor database and maintain visibiity into their support network


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Streamline your donor management to foster better connections and develop your network. Search, add, filter and contact donors in your database.




Nonprofits working with donors to support their cause


Generate Efficiencies
Utilize Auxilia’s real-time data, consultative partnerships, nonprofit fundraising tactics and innovative solutions to build a better future for your nonprofit – and get real-time access to reports, donor profiles and event creation and management.
For Non-Profits
 How Auxilia Works for Donors
Donors experience better connections and greater transparency through impactful donor software.  See how far your mission will go with Auxilia's clear, efficient and easy-to-use Donor Portal. Auxilia connects like-minded nonprofits and donors, furthering the ability for both to generate social impact in important causes.

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Donors can connect with and donate to nonprofits searching our client list


Connect with Your Causes 
Donors utilize Auxilia’s user-friendly donor software to find new nonprofits and manage their giving habits. Search, filter, manage and submit donations – with ease.





Donor portal allows donors to use their social network to create more support for nonprofit organizations


Build a Better Network

Foster stronger relationships within their network and nonprofit communities - and transform how donors connect with peers and organizations.


For Donors
Auxilia's team focuses on helping nonprofits increase donations so they can support their mission

The Story of Auxilia

In Latin, Auxilia translates to "helping hand." For us, it's more than a name - it's how we operate every day.  We are committed to improving the giving experience for all charitable organizations across the world.  

We created Auxilia because we were inspired by the service-minded people in our community. The ones who fight for justice, work for change and dream up ways to serve their neighborhoods.  We know how complicated the nonprofit world can be – and we wanted to help shift the focus back to the work itself.

Our solution needed to be intuitive enough to offer ease of use, but comprehensive enough to promote maximum efficiencies – and it needed to work for both nonprofits and donors. That’s when Auxilia was born; our cloud-based, donation management system offers a multi-faceted solution that promotes a giving environment, encourages greater transparency, fosters stronger connectivity and streamlines business operations.

Utilizing a balanced combination of merchant service offerings like CardConnect  and Cornerstone Payment Systems, marketing tools and business intelligence, our donation management software helps organizations increase donor engagement – and ultimately builds a giving ecosystem.

So, what’s our Auxilia mission? Helping people just like you affect true change.

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